Boca Grande – Herons and Egrets

In the first two shots below, four Great Blue Heron youngsters awaiting the return of their parents. Their nest was high in a tree on a golf course.

For beginners like me, accurately identifying birds is a challenge. In addition to the many varieties, light can play tricks with coloration in pictures examined after the fact. Judging by the head, I believe the one taking wing as well as the one below it are Great Blue Herons.

Tricolored Heron

A sea breeze ruffles the feathers of a Snowy Egret.

A Great Egret couple (previously also known as “Great White Heron)” enjoy a tranquil moment and one perhaps less so.

I’m guessing that the following four shots are of Great Blue Herons.

Great Egrets continue their conversation.

Elegant and stately Great Blue Herons.

Great Egret.

A Reddish Egret strolls, flares out while searching for food and takes flight.