Sometimes good light and relative proximity make close-ups of distant subjects possible and an opportunity to discern a little more detail. A few of these were shot with a full-frame digital camera and others with the tiny Nikon 1, the latter loosely “reviewed” in the “Gear” section of this site.  I’m still trying to correctly name birds whose images I capture. Please let me know if I get one wrong at and I’ll make a correction.

Red-Shouldered Hawk atop a light stand at Fowler Park, Cumming, Georgia.

This Red-Bellied Woodpecker seems to have scored a seed snack in our Alpharetta, Georgia back yard.

A Kite Hawk (I hope that’s correct) swoops at The Center for Birds of Prey at Awendaw, South Carolina.

This is the closest I’ve been able to get to a Turkey Vulture.

This Cooper’s  Hawk perched momentarily in a tree in near our house.

I’m guessing that this is a Mockingbird because of the feather coloration and yellow eyes.

I believe this fly-over depicts an Eastern Red-Tailed Hawk

The Kite does another graceful maneuver at The Center for Birds of Prey.