Photo Opportunities Abound

Each morning’s walk in the park and, later, coffee in our back yard continue to yield photo opportunities.

Before a few days ago, I had never seen an Indigo Bunting but this one, originally spotted by my wife, posed for several minutes. Its song is as pleasing as its color.

Rarely have I been able to get close to an American Goldfinch but, for some reason, twenty or thirty decided to ignore me as I photographed. It appears that food on the ground was the reason.

Hawks seem to prefer high perches. A favorite is a park light tower.

Birds aren’t the only flyers worth observing. I’m having enough trouble correctly identifying birds but I think this colorful insect is a variety of the Paper Wasp family.

Mockingbirds are by far and away the most ubiquitous posers at our favorite park and although I have many shots of them, I can’t resist taking more, even when they scold.

OK, it’s not a bird but here is one of the many chipmunks in our back yard that drive our two Golden Retrievers nuts.

Another shot of the gorgeous Indigo Bunting. We saw another one this morning but it quickly flew off before I could raise my camera.

The American Goldfinch is tiny and fast but that brilliant yellow breast and head help keep track of its position when it finally lands.

Brown Thrashers are among my favorites at the park.

I’m not entirely certain which species this is — a Mockingbird? a Thrasher? — but it had plenty to say as I captured it’s image.