Down on the Farm

Lest this site be overwhelmed with birds, here are few snaps, old and new, from several seasons of life at the Canine Assistants farm, north of Atlanta, Georgia. (For more information about Canine Assistants, please visit

Feel free to meet goat Nubbin but don’t get too close.

Sicilian Donkey Lucy and her offspring, Brooks.

Stud the cat greets visitors with a very strange, un-feline sound. Some believe his name is “Stub,” since he has no tail but a farm volunteer says he’ll answer to either.

A Canine Assistants staffer provides a welcome drink for a thirsty horse.

Oreo the goat loves salt.

Winter at the farm.

Goat Nubbin is convinced that he’s a horse and rarely is out of their company.

This stall window is stately Cole’s favorite spot to keep tabs on farm passersby.

Stud (or Stub) luxuriates in the warmth of the sun.

A very familiar sight outside the puppy barn.