Old Car City USA 3

Owner Walter Dean Lewis’ unique sense of humor is evident throughout the lot.

Model years range from the 1920s to the 1970s.

Below is a wooden-spoked wheel on what is said to be the oldest on the lot — a Ford “Double T” truck from the 1920s.

This bus long ago delivered its last passenger.

The unexpected is the norm along the trails.

Radios of an undetermined but ancient vintage now sit in silence.

Lewis’ parents started the yard in 1931. Eventually he became it’s owner and operator and quit selling parts several years ago when it became evident that the majority of visitors were there to look rather than buy.

Another of his pursuits is the elaborate decoration of styrofoam coffee cups, a habit that grew out of his successful effort to quit smoking.

Lewis’ cups are on display in a loft gallery.

Below are some examples of his work.