Awash in Robins

Does this look appetizing? It is one of a never-ending series of meals we’ve been observing  being delivered to robin newborns that have proliferated with the arrival of spring.

Below is a small bridge in nearby Fowler Park. I’ve circled in red the spot where a robin improbably has built a nest — for the second year in a row.

The first time we came upon this year’s version, mom was away, leaving three, Tiffany-blue eggs exposed. However, we suspect she was nearby and likely keeping an eye on us.

Yesterday and today we found her resolutely on duty. We were careful to stay as far away as possible but she gave no indication that she was about to move from that spot, no matter the threat.

Meanwhile, back home, this is what we found in a perilously low-to-the-ground bush in our back yard. While two are visible above, we’ve actually seen three.

A pair of parents spend all day ferrying meals to the nest.

Again, we are keeping our distance (all of these shots were made with a telephoto lens.