Spring Fashion Statements

It’s spring 2016 and my back yard birds are, well, back. This is only my second year paying attention to birds but I have the impression that the species variety was a lot more prolific last spring. In May 2015, many back yard sessions or park walks yielded as many as five or six really good potential shooting opportunities. So far this year, (and maybe I’m expecting, too much too early), I’ve been lucky to spot one or two each morning.

Still,  I’m not complaining. Here are a few who have appeared, decked out in their finest.

First up are a couple of blue jays.

New to the yard this year was this brown thrasher. We’ve seen lots at a nearby park but not in our yard.

This year’s crop of cardinals looks a lot healthier than last year’s. The head feathers on 2015’s males were mostly missing. On-line speculation ranged from molting to some sort of malady. The one below, however, seems to be fully intact.

Nest building is in full swing, as in the case of this female cardinal.

Another new arrival was this cat bird.

I’m still working on identifying the following two. They appear to be the same species but were captured on different days. The top one seemed to prefer hanging upside down on leaves while the one below was noisy and constantly circled the trees on which it landed. Could be a “black capped chickadee” and, if so, its another first sighting.

Based on what I’ve seen on-line, I’m guessing the guy below is a juvenile downy woodpecker, still another back yard debut.

Here are a few more cardinals. A fine male on top, then a female and, finally, a bug catching male