Right Time, Right Place

Some of us aspire to master what legendary photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson called “The Decisive Moment;” that is, pressing the camera’s shutter button at the precise second when a scene’s essence is best captured. It can be maddeningly difficult. However, those of us who fall short can take comfort that interesting photos also can be had by being in the right place at the right time. And, as long as a camera — any camera — is at hand. Below are some images for which I am glad I was suitably armed.

This truck and trailer were parked in a grocery store parking lot north of Atlanta. Grabbed with an iPhone.

A hip-hop group performing at an Atlanta church festival proved the value of a super-fast shutter speed.

Ansonborough Field in downtown Charleston, SC once hosted an amazing array of special events including an invasion of “pirates” during one of the city’s maritime celebrations. This is the result just after a young lady fired a flintlock rifle.

Before a drum ensemble began a street-side performance in Charleston, a youngster decided to try his hand at proving an opening act.

My wife and I never tire of watching dolphins in Charleston’s Cooper River. But other than this particular moment, I’ve never seen one come completely out of the water.

Street photography is enormously popular. The gentleman on the left is an opera singer busking on Charleston’s King Street.

More dophins in the Cooper. It appears that one has been scarred by scraping against something jagged.

While walking toward’s Charleston’s Market one summer day, this scene appeared as if it had been purposely posed.

This is a slightly different version of one of Wyoming’s most photographed sites.

The Georgia Model Aviators’ annual “Warbird Rally” is a thoroughly enjoyable day for photographers, if not for some of the pilots.

Standing in line for a skinny vanilla latte while a camera hung from my shoulder proved rewarding as this scene materialized for a few seconds, then was gone.

If you’ve spent any time on this site, you’ll know that I love photographing dogs. These guys were observed while at Charleston’s Marion Square.