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  • Latest Images

Blue and Gold

Blue Jays Female American Goldfinch  View full post »

Balancing Acts

It’s been windy here but when it comes to mealtime, my pals remain undaunted and don’t seem to mindView full post »

A Few More of This Week’s Back Yard Birds

It has not been my intention to turn this site into one dominated by bird images but, honestly, it’s been greatView full post »


For me, bird photography often is all about detail. That is, an extremely high resolution image file can revealView full post »

Season’s First Back Yard Wildlife Potpourri

The chickadee invasion notwithstanding, other species seemingly are enjoying the mild temperatures and promise ofView full post »

A Decidedly Gorgeous Cardinal

Bright red male cardinals are striking, to be sure. The reddish-brown females are not necessarily asView full post »

They’re Back!

For some migratory reason, the bounty of birds I saw flowing through our back yard during the summer of 2015 prettyView full post »

“Doggies on the Catwalk”

On June 4, 2016, Atlanta’s Shops Buckhead provided a stylish and high-energy backdrop for this year’sView full post »

Spring Fashion Statements

It’s spring 2016 and my back yard birds are, well, back. This is only my second year paying attention to birdsView full post »

Awash in Robins

Does this look appetizing? It is one of a never-ending series of meals we’ve been observing  being delivered toView full post »

Hawks’ Interaction a Mystery

The source of the commotion was unmistakable. Some screaming hawks were nearby so I grabbed the nearest,View full post »