Blue Jays are Welcome Back Yard Visitors

For sheer avian entertainment, it’s hard to beat the brightly colored blue jay.

Certain birds seem to favor specific types of feeder food. For example, woodpeckers and thrashers like suet. Cat birds love mealy worms. Nuthatches feast on seed.

But, blue jays appear to love it all. They’ll fly in and sample a bit from each location, including this nut and seed-filled “Squirrel Buster,” so named because the weight of a squirrel landing atop it pushes the feeding holes shut, thus denying them a meal. Birds encounter no such impediment and a hungry jay quickly can alight, grab a snack and exit.

Sometime jays sit and appear to consider their dining options.

Beautifully and distinctively marked, those tail feathers are a work of nature’s art.

Eating can be an action-filled activity with pecking, sorting and dramatic separation of hull from seed found, in this case, part of a suet cake.

And, it’s fun to watch a blue jay transform from this …

… to this.

Best of all, blue jays don’t seem to mind when a photographer wants to move in really close. They never seem to tire of posing.