Hummingbird season arrived a few days ago in our back yard when we hung the least garish, plastic feeder we could find. Although I had resigned myself to the fact that it probably would take a few days for the birds to find it, I was wrong. Instead, they began visiting within just a few minutes and there has been no letup since. In all likelihood, I’ve been told, they’ve been in the trees for several weeks.

We believe we’ve spotted at least four or five varieties but among the most striking are the ruby throated ones (featured in the next five shots).

There are tiny holes around the circular feeder. Sugar water flows from the bottle above.

These guys are very small and move fast. They seldom linger at the feeder for more than a minute. It takes a very fast shutter speed to “freeze” their wings and 8000th of a second seems to work best. The owner of local bird store has said that in the fall, they’ll be so focused on  “fattening up” for cold weather that they’ll spend more time at the feeder and observers can move much closer for pictures. I look forward to the opportunity.