Mealworms 101

As part of my bird photography education, I’ve learned mealworms are an effective way to attract certain flyers to our back yard.

According to Wikipedia, “Mealworms are the larval form of the mealworm beetle …” They’re called mealworms because the larvae feed on stored grains. Wikipedia notes that mealworms are “edible for humans.” To those who choose to indulge, I say bon appétit.

However, for the purposes of the fledgeling bird photographer, mealworms are pretty much irresistible to, so far, catbirds. Also, I’m learning that others find them appealing, as well.

Below is a shot of one of two dishes on elevated poles I’ve installed and that I regularly stock with this avian delicacy. These are dead but live, squirmy ones are available from bird stores and retailers such as Lowe’s, as well. Who knew?

It took several before they were discovered but here is one of the first catbirds on the scene.

The mealworm appeal does not seem limited to feathered creates, as our dog Frazier demonstrates.

And, judging by the persistence of this acrobatic chipmunk, the draw is fierce.

However, before consumption could actually take place, a catbird made certain it was halted.

That blur is the catbird. Too fast for me to achieve focus, its aggressive approach proved effective — for the time being.