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Putting on the Dog 2

More from the Marion Square dog show.View full post »

Putting on the Dog 1

Charleston’s Marion Square in April 2013 proved to be of interest to dog lovers and photographers, alike. View full post »

Miniature Warbirds 2

Death from the skies seems almost quaint when reduced in scale.View full post »

Miniature Warbirds 1

Models based on aircraft designed for combat flew at Ball Ground, Georgia in September 2013.View full post »

Model Behavior 2

Aircraft included everything from helicopters to jets. More info about Georgia Model Aviators is at www.gmarc.com.View full post »

Model Behavior 1

At Ball Ground, Georgia during a few days in September 2013, model aircraft experts gathered for a Georgia ModelView full post »

Cricket and Camelot

Golden Retriever fun in the backyard. May 2011.View full post »

The View from Above

Shooting pictures and video with one of DJI’s Phantom quad copters is just plain fun. The first one was made inView full post »

Blue Angels Over Charleston

An Air Show, Up Close The Navy’s Blue Angels paid a visit to downtown Charleston, SC in April 2010.  I stood onView full post »

The Old Charleston District Jail

“… the nastiest, dirtiest, filthiest, lousiest place I ever was in …” (prisoner, 1864) TheView full post »

The Lure of Smaller, Lighter, Quieter

The Lure of Smaller, Lighter, Quiter After decades of toting “big iron,” (35mm full frame Nikons), I haveView full post »