Shore Thing

Two spots for guaranteed-to-be-fun bird photo opportunities are the Shem Creek Pier and the Pitt Street Bridge, both in Mount Pleasant, SC. Last week, a shrimper approaching the Shem dock attracted the attention of a variety of fliers, particularly pelicans.

The swimmers below were among a number of dolphins who also found the boat’s arrival irresistible. Alas, they are difficult to photograph since typically surface for only a few seconds but not necessarily where one’s camera has aimed in anticipation.

The nearest this osprey came was flying high overhead.

At Pitt Street, an American Oystercatcher strolled by.

A seagull pair lingered on a sand bar.

Delicately feathered white herons are almost always on hand.

This is one of several willets that tested the reach of my telephone lens. This shot is an extreme enlargement of a very small portion of the exposure because these guys had no interest in coming closer.