Time is Running Out

It’s mid-September and while still warm, I’ve been told area hummingbirds will begin to migrate soon — certainly by October. In the meantime, I’ve continued to experiment. Following are some photos that hopefully are a little more “natural” as they include flowers rather than plastic feeders.

For this last shot, I changed backgrounds but ultimately decided the gray/white one works better. Backgrounds are useful when shooting hummers with auxiliary electronic flash. At the super small apertures (f/22 and f/32) required to get the entire bird in focus, rarely will the ambient light be bright enough to register anything but black. The bird will be well lit but a black background makes it look as though the exposure was made at night. However, next season I hope to have printed and incorporate a more natural background by enlarging a severely out-of-focus shot of foliage and sunlight. Backgrounds are then lit with separate lights and balanced to compliment the hummer.