Wildlife Potpourri

Following are a variety of shots taken over the past several days at a local park as well as our back yard.

First, a series featuring a Red-Shouldered Hawk perched atop a Fowler Park light pole.

Virtually every bird in the park was silent and invisible, save one scrappy Mockingbird who, despite numerous dive-bombs, was mostly ignored.

I apparently moved too close to this one.

We continue to encounter gorgeous Indigo Buntings at Fowler. Several are heard and sometimes seen nearly every morning we visit.

A lone American Goldfinch briefly paused on a soccer net.

Back home, there was a fair amount of activity as Cardinal parents attempted to address the hunger of their youngster. First the mom …

… then dad, whose expression seems to speak volumes.

Later, mom posed …
… followed by her mate. I’ve seen these two so often that they seem to be getting used to me and keep moving closer. The cause of the male’s molting head feathers seems to be an on-line controversy. Some say it’s a natural once-or-twice-a-year occurrence while others blame mites or disease. Virtually every male I’ve seen in recent months has looked the same way.
This acrobatic squirrel is a frequent visitor to the a nearby tree laden with berries.